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Determining the Percent Peroxide in a Commercial Product


Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, is notoriously unstable and light sensitive, and therefore it is difficult to maintain a solution of H2O2 at a specified concentration. Commercial hydrogen peroxide is packaged in an opaque bottle, usually a brown color, to shield the H2O2 molecules from light. The concentration of commercial hydrogen peroxide is usually 3% (w/v).


The objective of this investigation is to test a bottle of commercial hydrogen peroxide and compare your results to the advertised concentration of 3% H2O2.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following Vernier sensors and equipment.

Option 1

Option 2

Additional Requirements

You may also need an interface and software for data collection. What do I need for data collection?

Experiment 8 from Vernier Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* Chemistry Lab Book

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