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Air Temperature and Relative Humidity

Figure from experiment P2 from Earth Science with Vernier


If you live in a mid-latitude region, you may notice changes in relative humidity from season to season. Summers tend to be humid, while winters are drier. Besides changes in relative humidity between seasons, changes can be observed throughout one day, and that is the purpose of this experiment—investigate the relationship between relative humidity and temperature over a 23-hour period.


In this experiment, you will

  • Use a Temperature Probe and Relative Humidity Sensor to collect and analyze outdoor air temperature and relative humidity for 23 hours.
  • Determine if there is relationship between relative humidity and air temperature.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following Vernier sensors and equipment.

Additional Requirements

You may also need an interface and software for data collection. What do I need for data collection?

Standards Correlations

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