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Tracks of a Killer

Figure from experiment 1 from Forensics with Vernier


The body of famous pop music producer Jonathan Wallace was found in his bathtub. It is our hypothesis that an intruder surprised the victim and drowned him. The only clue at the crime scene was a set of muddy footprints leading from a nearby window to the bathroom and back again. The footprints were smeared, so their exact size could not be determined. The soles of the shoes had no pattern. It will be difficult to match the footprints to any particular pair of shoes.


  • Determine if there is a relationship between the length of a person's stride and his or her height.
  • Determine if there is a relationship between the size of a person's shoes and his or her height.
  • Efficiently gather data to test for correlations between height, shoe size, and stride length.
  • Use a linear regression model of the data to predict height based on stride length.

Sensors and Equipment

No probeware required for this experiment.

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Forensics with Vernier

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