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Dropped at the Scene


Museum curator Jessica Barnes was found dead on 10/05/05, the day before the grand opening of the world famous traveling exhibit Shadows of Egypt. Her body was found at the base of the large marble fountain in the center of the museum lobby.

It was clear that the victim was strangled. A few drops of blood were found on the tile floor, but blood tests show that the blood is not the victim’s. Investigators have found traces of the same blood on the knuckles of the victim’s hand. Investigators are suggesting that she fought her attacker, giving him or her a bloody nose or lip, and that the blood dripped onto the floor as the attacker fled the scene.


  • Determine the height of a source of blood spatters or drops.
  • Graph data to find quantitative relationships.
  • Create a standard reference curve for comparison with unknown data.

Sensors and Equipment

No probeware required for this experiment.

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