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Ashes to Ashes

Figure from experiment 11 from Forensics with Vernier


Investigator: James

Date: 10/05/05

  • call in at 3:04 a.m.
  • large fire on the East Side; historic log cabin of town founder, James McDonald
  • first responders too late to save cabin
  • traces of an unidentified chemical residue discovered in cabin remains
  • drops of unidentified chemical found between cabin remains and main road
    (??accelerant used to spread the fire??)
    ARSON strongly suspected
  • chemical evidence sent to lab for testing


  • Identify the likely accelerant in an arson.
  • Identify a solution, based on evaporation rate.
  • Understand that evaporation rate is a characteristic property of a liquid.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following Vernier sensors and equipment.

Additional Requirements

You may also need an interface and software for data collection. What do I need for data collection?

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Experiment 11 from Forensics with Vernier Lab Book

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