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Control Analog Out, Digital Out and Pulse Out


In this exercise, you will create a program to control the SensorDAQ’s analog out terminal (pin 9 of the screw terminal connector).1 In addition, a Voltage Probe will be used to read the voltage of the analog out terminal. The Analog Express VI is a simple way to program data collection from a Vernier sensor. The DAQ Assistant Express VI is a simple way to control the SensorDAQ’s screw terminal channels. Steps will be taken to modify the VI to control the digital-out line and the counter line.


In this exercise, you will

  • Create a LabVIEW VI to control and measure the screw terminal analog-out line.
  • Modify the VI to control and measure one of the four digital-out lines.
  • Modify the VI to control and measure a pulse train output from the counter line.
  • Learn to use DAQ Assistant.

Sensors and Equipment

This activity features the following Vernier sensors and equipment.

Additional Requirements

You will also need

Standards Correlations

No standards correlations for this experiment.

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