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Blade Variable: Quantity


Do all wind turbines have the same number of blades? There are other devices that have blades, too, such as box fans and ceiling fans. How many blades do these fans have? Is it always the same?

Engineers face many challenges when designing devices that are blade driven, and the number of blades can vary for several reasons. In this experiment, you will vary the number of blades on the wind turbine and measure the power output for each trial. You will discover the optimal number of blades that you need for your particular blade design in order to generate the greatest power output.


  • Measure wind turbine power output with an Energy Sensor.
  • Investigate how the number of blades affects the power output of a wind turbine.
  • Determine the optimal number of blades for maximum power output.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following Vernier sensors and equipment.

Additional Requirements

Graphical Analysis 4

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Experiment 6 from Wind Energy Explorations Lab Book

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