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Figure from experiment 26 from Physics Explorations and Projects


In this project, students apply the principles of electromagnetic interactions to build a speaker. The basic principle is to have a solenoid-style coil of wire attached to a surface that is able to vibrate along the axis of the coil of wire, and a fixed magnet inside the coil of wire. The coil should be attached to some object or surface which will move as the coil vibrates, displacing air and creating sound waves. There are many ways to make this work. Allow students to be creative.

Learning Outcomes

Build a speaker by taking advantage of the interaction between electric current and magnetic fields.

Sensors and Equipment

This experiment features the following Vernier sensors and equipment.

Additional Requirements

You may also need an interface and software for data collection. What do I need for data collection?

Next Generation Science Standards

Disciplinary Core Ideas

  • PS2.A Forces and Motion (HS-PS2-5)
  • PS2.B Types of Interactions
  • PS3.A Definitions of Energy
  • PS3.C Relationship between energy and forces

Crosscutting Concepts

  • Cause and Effect
  • Energy and Matter

Science and Engineering Practices

Asking Questions and Defining Problems

Experiment 26 from Physics Explorations and Projects Lab Book

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Included in the Lab Book

Vernier lab books include word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, suggested answers, sample data and graphs, and more.

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