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Superposition of Slinky Waves


A wave is different from a particle because it can move between two locations without any matter moving from one place to another. Instead wave motion involves only the transmission of energy. Suppose the ends of a long stretched slinky are clamped and two wave pulses travel toward each other in opposite directions.


In this activity, you will

  • Explore what happens before, during, and after these pulses meet.
  • Learn about the principle of wave superposition.

Software for Experiment

This experiment uses Logger Pro software for video analysis. The video for analysis is included with the lab book.

Experiment 20 from Physics with Video Analysis Lab Book

<em>Physics with Video Analysis</em> book cover

Included in the Lab Book

Vernier lab books include word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, suggested answers, sample data and graphs, and more.

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