Vernier Software and Technology
Vernier Software & Technology

For Sale Vernier Jumbo package never been used!

I have the following Vernier software and technology for sale. All of it is brand new and in original packaging. Contact me if you would like the whole set or pieces of it.

Magnetic Field Sensor
Differential Voltage Probe
TI Light Probe
Go! Link
Go! Temp
Dual Range Force Sensor
Gas Pressure Sensor
Go! Motion
Elementary Sience With Vernier Book
Logger Lite Software

These are from a personal set I received. My department at school has a set as well which I use. Just don't want to see good teaching material go unused. Will sale at a good price.


Will sale for a reasonable price. Make me an offer

I am interested. Just getting started using vernier sensors. How much would are you asking for them please?

I would like 500. If that is to much make me an offer and I will consider it though.

Travis Little

Toango I would take 250 for it all. I want it out of my office.

I know the topic is old but do you still have the items available? I am interested in the Force Sensor, the Magnetic Field Sensor, and the Go! Motion.

Yes I do and would be willing to sale them. Do you have a price in mind for the three items?

Shoot me an email at with what you want to get for the sensors.

I would be interested in the following for $100.00.
Please let me know at
If this is OK, I will send you the money.

1 Magnetic Field Sensor
2 Differential Voltage Probe
3 Dual Range Force Sensor
4 Gas Pressure Sensor

What do you have left? I want the Go Temp probes, about 5 or 6 if possible, and I'd like the Elementary book. What's the best price you'd be willing to accept for them?

Is there anything left? Let me know I might be interested.

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