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Lots of extra sensors for trade only!

We have lots (50+) of the following sensors new in the box:
Diff. Voltage
Dissolved Oxygen

If you're looking just ask... We would like to trade them for :
Gas Pressure
LabQuest 2

Or just make an offer...

I have two LabPro's new in the box. Would you take them for 8 of your Differential Voltage Probes?

Sorry we have nothing but LabQuest's... Wouldn't need a Lab Pro. Thanks for the offer!

Do you still have the colorimeters? Are the new ones (round) or old ones (square)? Would you be willing to sell? We do have some pH probes (and/or possibility some gas sensors) that we might be willing to trade but only a dozen of each so purchase is preferred.

Yes we still have the colorimeters, they are the newer ones. Per our district regulations we can not sell things, so I'm looking to trade only. I might also be interested in some Corning Hotplate/Stirrer combos.

I could trade you 3 gas pressure sensors for 3 ORP's. I have extra of either GPS-BTA or PS-DIN.

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