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Lab Quest

I have 18 to sell that are in mint condition. Will sell for 225.00 each or for 200 ea if you buy 6 or more. You can email me at or call me at 302.563.7270

Any possibility you still have some???

Still have em, how many do you need?

To confirm....these are the original green Lab Quest? I see the price was marked 2 years ago. Any way we could do better?

Not sure what you mean by green lab Quest. As to the second question, you tell me what you are willing to buy the lab quests for?

Just paid for one on ebay. I will not like pay more than $100 at this point.
I can order the go wireless from Vernier now for $99 and the new Labquest 2 is 329 brand new so I believe $100 per unit is fair for a discontinued item.
Do you have the charging dock as well? I would purchase that too.

Ok, $100 seems fair. I have the charging cords that plug into a wall outlet but no "dock". How many do you want and where do I ship em?. Also, at this point maybe you should contact me outside of the forum?

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