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I have a lot for sale if interested please contact me!

All of this is older stuff, however most of it has never even been opened. Send me an email making an offer on any of it.
12x pH sensor
Turbidity sensor
11x motion detector
2x Differential voltage probe
10x Magnetic field sensor
2x Conductivity probe
O2 gas sensor
Co2 gas sensor
Ammonium ion-selective electrode
12x labpro
2x Relative humidity sensor
2x Current probe
5x Dual range force sensor
12x Light sensor
2x Barometer
6x Microphone
24x temperature probe
6x Photogate
3x Low g-accelerometer
3x Picket fence
2x Force plate
Dissolved oxygen probe-
Respiration monitor belt-
3x Colorimeter-
10x Gas pressure sensor
10x conductivity probe
Current and voltage probe
Chloride ion selective electrode
Nitrate ion selective electrode
Calcium ion-selective electrode
2x Sound level meter
EKG sensor-
3-axis accelerometer
Exercise heart rate monitor

The picket fences are not vernier


How much would you want for the nitrate selective electrode?


Heres my email.


I'm interested in purchasing 3 photogates and 4 microphones from you. Would it be possible for you to send me pictures of these probes? I'd like to see the probe itself and its connection to make sure they would work with my equipment. Also, are the microphone probes the older or newer versions? My email is .

Hello, I would be interested in quite a few pieces, can you send me an email at

There are a few sensors on your list that I might want to purchase. If you could send me a list of what you still have, I would be happy to email you right back and let you know which ones I might be interested in. Thank you.

I am looking for 8 pH meters and 8 conductivity probes.

I am looking for 8 pH meters and 8 conductivity probes. Please contact at

Hello! Do you still have the Turbidity and CO2 sensors? Thanks!

Anything left? send me an email


Looking for force probes and the photo gate. Still selling?

Hi, I am interested in 5 working motion detectors and dual range force sensors. Let me know if you have any remaining. My email is:

Thank you,
Gayle Tracey

Hi, I'm really looking for O2 gas & CO2 gas sensors... Would also be interested in conductivity probe, & pH sensor. Thanks, Jamie

Any EKG, heart rate, O2, or CO2 sensors still?

Anything left?


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