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Free Serial Interface boxes

I have 14 Serial Interface boxes and all the necessary cables (including two portable/battery powered ones) that were used to connect the Vernier probes to the Macintosh computers. They are offered for free to anyone who wants them. All you need to do is pay the postage.

Are you still have the serial boxes?. Please tell me where you from, in order to calculate the carrier cost. Best regards.

I still have the serial boxes. I live in Bradenton, Florida 34203

Do you still have these interface boxes?


I am looking for the Serial Interface Boxes that you indicated that you had. I am happy to send you the postage. I live in Chicago.

Chris Gordon

chris, if you send me the address, I will package them...go to the post office and find out what the postage will cost. Then I'll let you know. As soon as I receive the postage I'll ship them out. I'll be glad to get the storage space back in my classroom!

Shane Edelkind


1415 Central Road, unit 319C
Arlington Hts IL 60005

Send me your also,




5702 41st St. E.
Bradenton, Florida 34203

I'll check out the postage tomorrow and let you know.


(Just nosy...what are you planning on using these old interfaces for? I can't find many computers with serial interfaces anymore!)

Do you have any boxes left? I'll gladly pay for postage.

Sorry...lost track of email thread. If you still want interface boxes...they are still available for free.

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