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Labpros and motion detectors available

I have 4 Labpros and 4 motion detectors available for free. You only need to pay for shipping. Please leave me a message with your email if interested.

I'd be interested, if you still have them. What kind of motion detectors are they? Thanks.



I (and my kids) would love them!

I'm teaching Physics for the first time this coming year, have inherited one LabPro and a bunch of assorted single sensors, and am trying to figure out how to build a whole class set of interfaces, etc., for group work at a poor urban school. First or second generation Motion detectors would work for us (beggars can't be choosy?!?).

I do have 6 Macbooks in the classroom, so the LabPros are deal for me.

Thanx for the consideration in any case,

Malcolm, aka DrP

Dr Malcolm S Pringle
E M Kennedy Academy for Health Careers
360 Huntington Ave CA102
Boston MA 02139

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