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CBL original unts

We have 10 original CBL units from TI that I am trying to donate/sell/trade. All units are in the original black plastic case with the original Light, Temp and Voltage probes. Also, we have 8 old pH sensors (PH-DIN) and 6 Motion Detectors (MD-CBL).

Do you still have those CBL's available? If so, I can take them to a school in Port au Prince, Haiti that wants them. Charitable Calculators is a non-profit organization that receives donated calculators, probes, etc. and distributes them to schools that apply for them.


I may be a bit late on a reply. I am a science teacher who was once strictly "old school" in data collection and now since I bought a TI 84 Plus silver edition I have seen the awesome possibilities. Do you still have any used equipment available? My plan is to by as much as I can used and then buy new from Vernier. My budget is a bit tight.

Thank you,

Todd Hutson

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