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Lot of 10 original LabQuests for sale

I have 10 used Vernier original LabQuest interfaces, plus 6 temp probes and 3 photogates.

Of the 10, all have the original boxes, stylus, and USB cables as well as most of the original packing material (a few lack inserts). Three are missing power supplies, but can use the power supplies of the others to recharge. The battery status varies - at least 3 will need new batteries soon (but all work perfectly well on AC power.)

Also included are 5 extra styli, three photo gates, and 6 temperature probes. One of the photo gates is missing its bag, but the others have their original bag and manual. (It's pretty easy to find Vernier documentation on this site and online.)

I currently have a listing on eBay, asking $1000, but will entertain offers if someone can use a class set. Email if interested.

All sold, thanks for looking!

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