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Ammonia, Nitrate, DO Probes for Sale

I have 5 of each of these for sale. Only used in a Lab, to figure out how they work. They work fine, just complicated for the school children that my organization works with (K-5).
Ammonia/Nitrate Probes: $150 each
D.O. Probe: $180 each

Good day! I think I'm interested in buying your Ammonia/Nitrate Probe. May I ask what software it is compatible with?

Any chance any of these are still available?

I'm in Australia, where are you?

ABM Sat 7.00p

I am interested in the nitrate probes, if you're still selling.


We apologize for the delay in response.
We have 5 Dissolved Oxygen Probes (Order Code DO-BTA), 5 Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrodes (Order Code NO3-BTA) and 5 Ammonium Ion-Selective Electrodes (Order Code NH4-BTA) still available.

Thank you!

Sounds great

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