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CBL's and TI-89 calculators for donation if you pay postage

Our school has 13 CBL's and 14 TI-89 calculators to go with the CBL's, along with another CBL still in its plastic carrying case and 11 power cords for CBL's that we would love to donate to someone who needs them and will use them. (Also we will include the original books to use the CBL's). The only request we have is that you be willing to pay the postage for getting them to you! (We are in Colorado).

Dear Janie,
Would you be willing to send only 4 units. We are supporting some science project with a local school here in UAE. We would not need 14 units and perhaps someone else could make better use of the other 10.We would arrange to send you the cost of shipping to our New York Office who would drop them into our weekly mail bag to UAE.
Thanking you in advance for your kindness

I am helping a high school with the ACS Science Coaches program. The school has has very little technology and this would be a great boost for them. How can I contact you to get this equipment? Thank you!

I'm interested too, even for just some of these:
I teach at a urban high school in Boston, and we also have a very limited budget!
Malcolm (aka, DrP)

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