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Lab Quest Mini's for sale -- Excellent condition

14 LabQuest Mini's for sale, very reasonable price. Read more....
These were purchased 2 yrs ago by district personnel, without consulting the Science Dept. We already had LabPro's and now are using LabQuest 2's. These LQ mini's have only been using a few times, still in original packages.

What are you thinking for a price?

How much?

Are the LabQuest Mini's still for sale? We just dropped one of ours in a trout stream today during a Trout Unlimited / DNR study:( Need to replace.

Yes, they are still available. Please contact me via interested in purchasing.

I am interested in Labquest mini if still available. Please quote your best price including shipping

If you still have those LabQuest Mini's, please let me know. You can email me at directly if you would like. Also, please let me know what the cost would be (shipped to Central WI)

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