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12 FREE LabPros Southeastern Wisconsin

We have 12 LabPros we no longer need. Vernier does still provide service and support of LabPros if needed.

Hi Cathleen, I am a high school physics teacher in PA. I am very interested in these LabPros. In what condition are they in?



They are in great condition, each in its own original box with all cords, etc. I would just ask that you pay for shipping if sending to PA.

Done! This is quite the gift. Thank you! I will work on figuring out how to pay for shipping. What is your professional contact information?

Cathy Loehr

Send your mailing address to my email and I can ship those out right away. They fit perfectly in the box I received a recent Flinn order in. I have cleared it with our business office. We will pay to have it shipped to you and then ask for a check to be written to DSHA High School for the reimbursement.

Any chance those LabPros are still available?

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