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Original Lab Pros for sale or donate

I have 10 lab pros that are no longer used. I will have at least some of the interface cords as well. Make me an offer.
Kim Workman
Nickerson High School, Nickerson, KS

We are on a tight budget but could really use more labpros as our physics programs expands. Please let me know what it would take to get them off of your hands (assuming I would pay shipping too.)

Matt, South River High School


If you still have those LabPros available, please let me know. You can email me at directly if you would like. Also, please let me know what the cost would be (shipped to Central WI)

I also have some probes that should work with these units BUT I don't know if they probes actually work.
They are:
7 Colorimeters
10 pressure sensors that may or may not be incomplete
8 temperature sensors
6 thermocouples
3 motion detectors
1 Dual-range force sensor
10 voltmeters

Since you are not sure if any of the probes work or not what would it take for me to take them off your hands...I would like to get a price on the pressure sensors as well as the temperature sensors.


I sent you an email a few days back. I'm not sure if you saw it. Please let me know.


I finally have input from my principal about pricing.
$50 per lab pro x 10 units = $500
Probes/sensors (all) = $100
+ Shipping

I would be willing to divide out the probes/sensors and lab pros to sell.

My email for faster replies is

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