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I have eight CBL 2's - Have not used them in many years. Have lots of hookup cords as well. Pay postage and I will mail them to you. Docking station included as well.

I am interested. Some years back someone bought some Vernier equipment and then the equipment was never or lightly used - put away and just discovered. I have some spare TI83 's so these will be great. Let me know what the postage is and I will free up some valuable lab storage space for you. My email is . Thanks.

Carl Martikean


I have found a new owner for the LabPro's. Thanks


I have been wondering if you have had the opportunity to sen the CBLs. If you need postage let me know where to send it.



Package was delivered, tracking # with USPS is 9534611607536327039220

Says it is in the mail room in Harvey IL.


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