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Free Older Probeware

We are cleaning out our labs and have old probeware no longer in use. List below. Would love to donate it to school or non-profit that could use.

6 - Thermocouple (TCA-DIN)
5 - Quick Response Temp. Probe (TPAQ-DIN)
12 - Pressure Sensor (PS-DIN)
8 - Magnetic Field Sensor (MG-DIN)
4 - First generation Motion Detectors
6 - Force Probes (Model FP-2)
4 - Student Force sensor (DIN connection - looks like a stapler)
7 - Temperature Probes (DCT-DIN)
5 - Rotary Motion Sensor (Pasco - with Vernier connections) (Pasco Code: CI-6625) & (Vernier Code: RMS-BTD)
6 - Conductivity Probes (CON-DIN)
5 - Radiation MOnitors (U-RM)

Hi rriemer,
Our school would be really pleased to get your probeware.
Could you please contact me: .

I would be interested in the Magnetic Field Sensors, and the Rotary Motion Sensors. The rest I'm not sure I'd use so they could be made available to others. Please email me gigantek (at) guilderlandschools (dot) net and we could arrange details if they are still available.

If there are any left, I would be thankful for having them.
please contact me at lavi dot avi at gmail dot com.

many thanks.

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