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For sale 4 used labquest, mini GC in mint condition and more

I got four used lab-quest units. All 4 units seems to be in working condition and show some wear. All the units power up, the touch screen is responding and I was able to test a little the units ( I don't have sensors but the stopwatch is working, audio generator is working etc ) . I can make any test required if I have the equipment if anyone is interested.
Two batteries and two stylus pens are missing .
I request 75$ each or 250 for all of them.shipping cost will be calculated separately.

I also have the charging base for these four units and its charger for 50$, OBO.

I also have mini GC in mint condition, It doesn't seems to be used at all. I got it in its original case and a short manual that was in it. I also have the power supply. I tested it for blank using one of the labquest as interface and it worked just as expected. I request 1000$ + shipping , OBO.

Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions. lavi.avi at gmail dot com


Will you negotiate price? Where are you shipping them from?

please contact me via email.

Are you still sell the GC??, Best Regards

Yes, it is still available and will be shipped from California .
Contact me on email
Avi dot lavi at gmail dot com

Oops, I made a mistake on my email address.
lavi.avi at gmail.

the GC is still available and needs a new home.


Are the LabQuests still available?

Actually one is left. It has no battery but it works fine.
Contact me directly. my email is on the ad.


Are the LabQuests still available?

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