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CBL2s and older Probes

I have a bunch of CBL2s (I think between 5 and 15) and older probes that are no longer in use. The probes (similar numbers) are mostly motion detectors and force sensors. I believe everything is functional.

I think I can give these away - I will check with my department head if anybody responds to this post.

Would love to place these with somebody in my area (I can likely meet you somewhere if you can't make it all the way to me, I live in NW Arkansas), but I can ship if you can pay for shipping.


I may be interested. By older probes, do you mean the DIN connector or the BTA (white plastic)? But it is motion detectors and force probes that I am much interested in. I live in the Chicago area and am willing to pay the shipping if you are willing to find the cost or wait for my check. You can contact me at . Looking forward to your reply, I remain,

Carl Martikean

I sent all of these to Carl a few days ago, so they are no longer available.

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