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Used Equipment in Great Condition (Some is new and never used)

I am looking to sell or trade the following equipment.
11 LabPro with all connectors and adaptors
11 Magnetic Field sensors
10 Light sensors
8 Differential Voltage probes

I am looking to raise money to purchase another Vernier track and cart system. If you are interested in some or all of these items, please send me an email at . All I ask for is a reasonable offer and the willingness to pay for shipping and handling.

Hi there,
Are your LabPro interfaces still available and, if so, can you tell me their condition and price?

Many thanks,

Hi Julie, they are still available. These Labpros are in excellent condition and working order. All original adaptors and boxes included. On eBay (used) they are going for $70 with and additional $15 for S/H (these are from other sellers). I can let these go for $35 each if you buy the full lot of labpros (without the sensors). I can get you a price for S/H if u are still interested and should be able to ship them in a large box which could decrease the overall S/H.

Hi are the labpros still available?

Yes, they are still available.

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