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Lots of Vernier sensors - make offer.

I just retired from teaching, and have a large number of Vernier sensors. If anybody is interested, make me an offer for part or all. I would probably just put it all in a large USPS flat rate shipping box. (Shipping about $20.00.)

Vernier no. Item Interface Qty.
GO-LINK Vernier GoLink USB 1
GO-MOTION Go-Motion Sensor USB 1
GO-TEMP Go-temp sensor USB 1
BGP-DIN Biology Gas Pressure DIN 3
COL-BTA Colorimeter BTA 2
CUV 100 Cuvettes for colorimeter 100
CON-BTA Conductivity Probe BTA 1
CON-DIN Conductivity Probe DIN 1
CV-DIN Current/voltage probes DIN 1
DFS-DIN Dual-Range Force Sensor DIN 11
DIN-BTA DIN to BTA Adapter DIN 14
EHR-DIN Exercise Heart Rate Monitor DIN 2
GPS-BTA Gas Pressure Sensor BTA 1
also used w/ respiration monitor belt
LGA-DIN Low-G Accelerometer DIN 1
LS-DIN Light sensor DIN 1
MCA-CBL CBL microphone BTA 1
MCA-ULI ULI microphone DIN 2
MD-BTD Motion Detector BTD (digital) 4
MD-CBL Motion Detector BTD (digital) 1
MDC-BTD Motion detector cable BTD (digital) 2
MG-DIN Magnetic Field sens. DIN 3
VPG-BTD Photogate BTD (digital) 4
PG-BTD Photogate cable BTD (digital) 3
PF Picket fence for photogates n/a 1
PH-BTA pH System BTA 2
PH-DIN pH System DIN 4
pH accessories - bottles, litmus
PS-DIN Pressure sensor DIN 1
RCK-DCU Robotics & Control Kit n/a 1
RMB Respiration Monitor Belt - 6
uses GPS-BTA Gas Press
SFS-DIN Student Force Sensor DIN 8
STS-BTA Soft Tip Surface Temp Sens. BTA 15
TCA-BTA Thermocouple BTA 1
TI light TI CBL Light sensor BTA 2
TILT-BTA Light sensor BTA 7
TMP-BTA Stainless Steel Temp Sensor BTA 5
VP-BTA Voltage Probe BTA 16
TI Graphlink cables 2


I was looking for a LabPro on eBay and am I correct in assuming you are the seller here: ?

If so, would you be willing to ship one of the LabPro sets you listed on eBay along with some of the items you've listed here? I've estimated prices based on what things seem to be selling for on eBay. Here are the sensors I'm interested in:

- 1 PH-BTA + bottle (the probe will ship in storage solution, correct?) ($20)
- 1 COL-BTA + a cuvette or two ($30)
- 1 MD-BTD + cable ($20)
- 1 Photogate + cable ($15)

I think that would total to $115 (including the $30 LabPro set), but since shipping was included in the eBay listing, would you accept $105 plus shipping costs? My email is . Thanks!

On the PH-BTA, there is just a little liquid in the bottle. Since I have not used it in years, I think it's still the original pH 4 solution. Instructions on how to replenish are at .

I am willing to accept your offer. I will just put everything in a medium flat rate box, which ships for 13.65 (non-ebay price). Please email the shipping address to .

Sorry, don't know why the last message double-posted. If anybody wants to view the updated xlsx spreadsheet of available items, go to and click on the link to the spreadsheet.

I work at a small Christian school which means a very tight budget. Would you be willing to donate any/all the equipment to us? I am just getting started with CBLs. We could pay postage.

Email me at I would like to know grade level, subjects taught, etc.

If anybody is interested in these materials, PLEASE give me your contact information! I am still waiting to hear back from the person who posted about the Christian school.

If you still have the DFS-DIN Dual-Range Force Sensor DIN 11 and the STS-BTA Soft Tip Surface Temp Sens. BTA 15 I'd be interested. Please let me know.

Thank you,

David Oyler -


I work at a charter school and I would be interested in some of the sensors. Specially, some of the motion detectors and the duel-range force sensors. I'm not sure if the Christian school person got back to you, but I would be in a similar boat of not a huge budget to work with. If you would be willing to negotiate price and still have these items available please email me at .

Thank you!

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