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2019 Vernier Engineering Contest Winners

Vernier Software & Technology sponsors a contest for educators to showcase creative uses of Vernier sensors to introduce engineering concepts or engineering practices.


Vernier Sensors in the DBTI Green and Sustainable Technology

Eric Tom

Don Bosco Technical Institute
Rosemead, California

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Eric Tom, a teacher and assistant principal at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Rosemead, California, teaches a course that investigates green and sustainable technologies using Vernier probeware. The course is heavily project-based and is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students design, build, and test wind turbines, simple off-grid solar power systems, and energy-efficient lighting systems.

Notable Entry

Portsmouth STEM Experimental and Engineering Design

Heather Overkamp

I.C. Norcom High School
Portsmouth, Virginia

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Heather Overkamp, a science, technology, engineering, and math teacher at I.C. Norcom High School in Portsmouth, Virginia, has her students research insolation and identify the plants that can be used as a food source at their latitude. Students then build and test their own greenhouse designs that incorporate Vernier temperature probes. The Experimental Design course that Heather teaches also provides students with an opportunity for inquiry investigations in which students design solutions for a local environmental problem.

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