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2012 Vernier/NSTA Technology Award Winners

The award, co-sponsored by Vernier and NSTA, is part of the NSTA Teacher Award Program. Each year, educators are recognized for their planned or current innovative use of data-collection technology.


Zoe Jorgensen

Zoe Jorgensen

A.H. Bush Elementary Magnet School, Idaho Falls, ID

When the Idaho National Laboratory needed a year of wind speed data to establish the viability of a small wind turbine installation, elementary teacher Jorgensen used the opportunity to have students conduct a real-world science investigation. Vernier technology was used to collect data that was presented to the school board and the Idaho National Laboratory.

Middle School

Shannon Hudson

Shannon Hudson

Tuttle Middle School, Crawfordsville, IN

Hudson used the vast history of her school’s soil to conduct interdisciplinary experiments. Her school sits on a hill that was once a tropical ocean, a deciduous forest, and crop fields. Students used Vernier equipment to conduct various soil experiments over a period of months and compared data to explain their results.

Christopher Widmaier

Christopher Widmaier

World of Inquiry High School, Rochester, NY

Widmaier’s students use probeware to complete an investigation of varying light levels in different environments. They will use this data to help understand the influence of ultraviolet light on living organisms and human skin color.

High School

Jackie Bondell and Ershela Sims

Jacqueline Bondell

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC

Ershela L. Sims, PhD.

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC

Bondell and Sim’s physics and robotics classes teamed together and designed a walking robot. The successful program is being adapted into a teacher workshop as a model of an applied STEM activity for other classes.

Sharla Dowding

Sharla Dowding, Ed.D

Newcastle High School, Newcastle, WY

Encouraging her students to think inquisitively about what they eat, Dowding has her students use Vernier technology to conduct investigations such as finding the food coloring concentration in Fruit Loops, the concentration of color in Kool-Aid solutions, and the amount of sugar in soda.

John Louis Gensic

John Louis Gensic

New Prairie High School, New Carlisle, IN

Gensic’s students conducted experiments on well water feared to be contaminated by septic systems and over-fertilized farm land. Understanding well-water quality helps these students understand their surrounding’s resources.


Venkatesh Gopal

Venkatesh Gopal

Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL

Gopal’s project is to build an audio-frequency working model of a phased-array radar as a striking demonstration of time-reversal in optics and acoustics. The project will be used in an upper-level course on modern optics.

Vernier Technology Award

Seven awards are available: one elementary, two middle school, three high school, and one college level. The awards, each valued at $5,500, include $1,000 in cash, $3,000 in Vernier technology, and up to $1,500 in expenses for attending the NSTA convention.

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