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Use a SpectroVis Plus or Colorimeter to Monitor Turnip Peroxidase

Understanding how enzymes work in biological systems is a critical and difficult concept for many students. This is one reason why the enzyme investigations in our Investigating Biology through Inquiry lab book have been very popular with biology teachers. The “Testing Catalase” experiment is also popular because it is inexpensive to perform. It uses some…

Subjects: Advanced Biology, Biology

Products Mentioned

  • SpectroVis Plus
  • Colorimeter
  • Investigating Biology through Inquiry

Investigating Diet and Metabolism in Bean Beetles

Bean Beetle If you are looking for an excellent college-level animal physiology investigation that is inquiry based and incorporates data collection, you should take a look at the “Diet and Metabolism in Bean Beetles” experiment at the Bean Beetles website. This activity was developed by Greg Butcher and Scott Chirhart from Centenary College of Louisiana.…

Subjects: Advanced Biology, College Biology

Products Mentioned

  • CO2 Gas Sensor
  • Logger Pro 3
  • O2 Gas Sensor

Primary Productivity Kit for Primary Productivity Lab

Collecting data to calculate the primary productivity of an aquatic sample just got easier with our new Primary Productivity Kit. This kit contains seven bottles and stoppers designed for measuring dissolved oxygen (DO) in dark and light environments. The special shape of the bottles prevents air entrapment and makes it easy to collect data with…

Subjects: Advanced Biology, Biology, Environmental Science

Products Mentioned

  • Primary Productivity Kit
  • Dissolved Oxygen Probe
  • Biology with Vernier
  • And 2 more products

Biofuel Investigation Using SpectroVis Plus

Bio-Rad Laboratories has developed an exciting new kit for investigating enzyme action as part of making biofuels that can be used with our SpectroVis Plus spectrophotometer. This is an excellent investigation for AP biology and college biology courses. The BioFuel Enzyme Kit measures the enzymatic activity of cellobiase. The reaction of the enzyme, cellobiase, breaking…

Subjects: Advanced Biology, Biology

Products Mentioned

  • SpectroVis Plus
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