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Advanced Chemistry Innovative Uses

Radiation Half-Life Simulator

The Nuclear Radiation with Vernier lab book has an experiment on measuring the half-life of radioactive isotopes. While it is a good experiment, the Cesium/Barium Isogenerator required to provide the short half-life radioactive material is expensive. The cost is over $230, and some instructors may have concerns about bringing radioactive sources into the classroom. Richard…

Subjects: Advanced Chemistry, Chemistry

Products Mentioned

  • SparkFun RedBoard with cable
  • Vernier Arduino Interface Shield
  • Digital Sensor Cable

Identifying Sugars in Everyday Beverages

Comparison of regular generic soda and diet soda using polarimetry In this activity, students use the Polarimeter to identify which sugars everyday beverages have in common. First, it is necessary to concentrate the beverages. They are initially too dilute to see any differences in sugar content. One way to concentrate the solution is to dry…

Subjects: Advanced Chemistry, Chemistry, College Chemistry

Products Mentioned

  • Polarimeter (Chemical)
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