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Comparing hand strength
Comparing hand strength

Nick La Rosa, a Level 2 boxing coach from Victoria, Australia, found he could use Vernier data-collection technology to improve the performance of his boxers. Nick has developed various tests to help him evaluate fitness levels of the boxers, as well as effectiveness of the training program.

Nick uses the Force Plate to evaluate jump and arm strength power rates. One boxer more than doubled his vertical jumping power, which Nick has attributed to the boxer’s ranking as national champion. Nick also uses Logger Pro video analysis to compare a boxer’s jab during strike and recoil.

Using this technique, Nick has been able to identify and correct inefficient technique that could leave a boxer open to counter punches or lessen the effectiveness of a counter attack. The graph above shows differences in grip strength using each hand, measured using a Vernier Hand Dynamometer. Studies have shown a direct correlation between grip strength and success in elite boxers.

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