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Oxygen and Aerobic Metabolism

Laura Cerletty, an anatomy and physiology teacher at Whitnall High School in Greenfield, WI, and her students modified our CO2 to O2 Tee for improved performance when connecting the Oxygen Gas Sensor to the Spirometer. We were inspired to create the new O2 Gas Sensor to Spirometer adapter that replaces the CO2 to O2 Tee.

O2 to Spirometer Adapter

This combination of sensors is used in Experiment 22 “Oxygen and Aerobic Metabolism,” found in our Human Physiology with Vernier lab book. In this experiment, respiratory volumes and oxygen concentrations of inhaled and exhaled air can be recorded simultaneously. As shown in the figure, the bacterial filter that comes with the Spirometer is attached to the inlet of the adapter to keep the system sterile.

We would like to thank Laura Cerletty and her students for all of their hard work and inspiration for this new product.

Download the modified lab instructions for this lab »

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