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Studying Heat Islands

Forrest Mims III has done some interesting studies of “heat islands.” Heat islands are natural or man-made regions that store heat better than vegetation; examples include bare soil, rocks, and parking lots.

On a cool evening after a warm Texas day, Forrest drove around with a LabQuest 2 and our Surface Temperature Sensor. LabQuest 2 recorded latitude and longitude from its built-in GPS while collecting data from the temperature sensor.

As you can see from the screen, the temperature varies quite a lot. The great thing about this experiment is that when you get back from the trip, you can use Logger Pro to export the data to Google Maps™ and generate a color-coded path of your movement. The color on the graph indicates the temperature in that area.

Graph of heat island temperature data over time
Forrest Mims’ temperature data exploring heat islands

See Forrest Mims’ article in MAKE magazine »

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