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Vernier and Texas Instruments Make Data Collection Affordable with EasyLink™ for TI Graphing Calculators

BEAVERTON, Oregon, June 27, 2005 – Math and science educators have a new, extremely affordable, yet powerful data-collection option. The Vernier EasyLink from Vernier Software & Technology allows students to connect sensors directly to a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. By plugging EasyLink into the graphing calculator’s USB port, students can connect to 36 individual sensors to collect measurements such as pH, force, dissolved oxygen, light, and more.

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Teaching Science in Grades 2-6 is Easier with ‘Let’s Go! Elementary Science’ Book

Beaverton, OR – June 27, 2005 – With Vernier Software & Technology’s new book, Let’s Go! Elementary Science, it’s easy to get elementary students active in exploratory thinking and inquiry-based learning. The book’s 34 activities explore the topics of temperature, motion, force, magnetism, light, electricity and pressure using scientific probeware.

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