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Teaching Science in Grades 2-6 is Easier with 'Let's Go! Elementary Science' Book

Beaverton, OR – June 27, 2005 – With Vernier Software & Technology’s new book, Let’s Go! Elementary Science, it’s easy to get elementary students active in exploratory thinking and inquiry-based learning. The book’s 34 activities explore the topics of temperature, motion, force, magnetism, light, electricity and pressure using scientific probeware.

Now elementary teachers can easily incorporate inquiry-based learning activities with the book’s black-line masters, clear illustrations, and a CD with editable Microsoft Word files of all activities. The CD also includes bonus activities from the Let’s Go! Investigating Temperature book.

“Elementary teachers are in a perfect position to build students’ excitement for learning scientific principles and to build the skills necessary for more advanced science in the later grades,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher. “By providing hands-on experiments with data collection and analysis, Vernier helps educators teach the scientific process and helps students learn fundamental concepts such as forming and testing an hypothesis. These skills help form a life-long love of science and build the foundation to more advanced scientific concepts.”

The activities in Let’s Go! Elementary Science offer cross-curricular ties to math, language arts, physiology, history, social studies and cultural differences, helping to tie science into other curricular areas.

With the activities in the book, students will learn about the scientific process, including the ability to ask key questions, form a hypothesis, make predictions, conduct the experiment and explain results. Teacher resources include background science, teacher tips, a timeframe for each activity, cross-curricular connections, an Appendix with safety tips, correlations to national standards and benchmarks, a summary of equipment and supplies, a tutorial for using Logger Lite software, helpful hints, sample results and an answer key.

Let’s Go! Elementary Science comes in a variety of packages. The book is sold individually for $30.00. A Deluxe Elementary Package is also available and includes all probeware and software needed to perform the 34 activities in Let’s Go! Elementary Science. Sensors and probes in the package include the Go!Temp Temperature probe, Go!Link Interface, TI Light Probe, Go!Motion motion detector, Magnetic Field Sensor, Gas Pressure Sensor, Differential Voltage Probe, the Dual-Range Force Sensor, and Logger Lite Software. The Deluxe Elementary Package retails for $471.00.

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Vernier Software & Technology has been an innovator of data-collection technology for 24 years. Creating easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and software, their products can be found in education from elementary school to college. Vernier helps teachers enhance their science curriculum, increase learning, and build students’ critical thinking skills. For more information, visit Vernier on the Web at

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