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Logger Pro 3.4

We’ve released a free Logger Pro 3 update, our full-featured, award-winning data collection program for Macintosh and Windows. Logger Pro 3 has been awarded eSchoolnews’ Reader’s Choice Awards, Technology & Learning’s Award of Excellence, and the Worldidac product choice award.

Logger Pro 3.4 is the only data-collection software available that lets students and educators collect and analyze scientific data from all of the following sources: TI graphing calculators, Palm OS handhelds, data-collection interfaces (such as the Vernier LabPro, Go! Motion, Go! Link, and Go! Temp), Ohaus Scout balances, the Bodelin ProScope, and Logitech web cameras, imported videos and jpg files, and manual keyboard entry. Logger Pro runs on Macintosh and Windows computers.

Have you wished you could create double-y graphs to display different quantities on a single graph? Now you can. For example, a chemistry teacher would use this feature for a titration experiment, showing pH vs volume and d(pH)/dV vs. volume. Or, a physical science teacher doing a weather experiment would use this feature to show temperature on the left y-axis and humidity on the right y-axis, both vs. time.

Here are some of the changes in version 3.4.1:

  • You can now capture videos or pictures from a web camera or the Bodelin ProScope, synchronized with sensor data collection. It’s easy to make a record of what happened in your experiment, whether it’s only a quick snapshot to show the setup, or a detailed video to show the motion of a cart on a ramp. Video analysis, introduced in version 3.3, now works with more video files and offers rotated coordinate systems.
  • Logger Pro 3 contains over 1,000 ready-to-run experiment files and over 40 sample movies!
  • The popular TI-84 family of calculators from Texas Instruments has a new USB port and cable, so Logger Pro 3.4 now supports importing data from the TI-84 using the USB direct cable.
  • Modeling of data is better than ever, with true function plotting, manual fits that can be adjusted at any time, and user parameters and controls for use in calculated columns. These features make it easy to compare mathematical models to your sensor data.
  • You can now style text in most places in Logger Pro, using bold, italic, underlines, Greek characters, and super and subscripted numbers. Formulas will be more readable, now that you can type H2O and Δt.
  • Finally, Logger Pro is easier to install on Windows 2000 and XP, with a Microsoft-signed driver that does not require special privileges when the LabPro is first connected to a USB port. Of course, we also support Tiger on the Mac.
  • The upgrade to Logger Pro version 3.4 is free to all users of
    Logger Pro 3. Visit for more information and to download the update. If you are new to Logger Pro 3, check out the free demo.

    Purchase of Logger Pro 3.4 includes a site license for all computers in a school or a college department, including students’ personal computers.

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