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New Kit for Handheld Digital Microscope Brings Versatility to Laboratory Investigations and Analysis

Beaverton, OR – February 15, 2006 – Students studying high school biology or middle school life sciences have a new tool for taking a close-up look at lab specimens. Exclusively from Vernier, the Biology ProScope Kit includes a USB handheld digital microscope called the ProScopeTM, plus lenses, adapters and a mounting stand.

The ProScope allows users to magnify and examine images of small objects on Macintosh or PC computer screens. The microscope’s accompanying USB Shot software allows for the capture of still images, time-lapse photography or the creation of QuickTime™ movies. Teachers are able to share lab work with an entire class by projecting the displayed images.

Users can increase the microscope’s versatility with the accessories within the Biology ProScope Kit. Components include a 50X lens for magnifying specimens, a 1-10X lens for use as a dissecting scope, a C-mount adapter and a lens tube adapter for attaching the ProScope to a regular microscope, a mounting stand and a rugged hard-sided case.

“Attaching the ProScope to traditional microscopes allows students to use the flexible magnification of the regular microscope and then capture and analyze their resulting images on the computer,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher.

The ProScope also works with Vernier’s Logger Pro 3 data-collection software. “When biology teachers use the ProScope with Logger Pro, students can use Logger Pro‘s video and still photo analysis features on the captured images and then incorporate the images into lab reports,” said Vernier. Logger Pro‘s student site license (included free with purchase) lets students take images from their laboratory assignments and work on lab reports from home.

Pricing and Availability
The Biology ProScope Kit is currently available for $549. The USB Shot software comes with the purchase, but buyers can opt to add Logger Pro 3 for $159. For more details, visit:

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