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Logger Pro 3.4.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Logger Pro 3.4.2. It is available now for download, and CDs are in production. Download the update.

This release includes English, Spanish, French, Italian and German versions of Logger Pro, and marks the first multi-lingual release since November 2004.

This release is a major upgrade for non-English versions. All interested users should install this new version, which adds support for Go! products, Ohaus balances, and many new video features.

The new English version is a minor update.

  • Numerous stability enhancements
  • Corrections to several issues in curve fitting
  • Improved installation of LabPro drivers for Windows 2000

No new features are included over the previously released version 3.4.1. For details, consult the release notes.

English-language users will want to install this version only if they are experiencing problems with version 3.4.1, or if an update to an earlier version is desired.

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