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Vernier Software & Technology was fortunate enough to have our products featured on television programming presented by Discovery Communications, Inc.. Discovery’s many cable networks, which include The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Science Channel, produce science programming that is entertaining, as well as informative.

In Dream Science Classroom, The Science Channel makes the education wishes of Rahway, N.J. Middle School science teacher, Brad Edwards, come true as it chronicles the design and build of a cutting edge, futuristic science classroom. Vernier Software & Technology participated by donating sensors and software to the project. The following clip shows Vernier consultant David Carter working with Designer Derek Wybourn to understand how to use a Go!Motion USB motion detector and Logger Lite software.

Dream Science Classroom from Mad Dog Films, Inc. on Vimeo.

Download the video clip:
Apple Quicktime (, 11.7 MB)


In a holiday episode of MythBusters, several “myths” related to celebrating December holidays were investigated. One featured investigating whether a frozen turkey could break your foot. As part of the test, they dropped a turkey on a Vernier Force Plate and investigated the force-time graph using Logger Pro 3 software. They then proceeded to drop the turkey on a simulated foot with some not so surprising results. If you are brave enough to try this on your own, we recommend choosing a sampling rate of 250 samples per second, and be sure to drop the turkey on the force plate and not on your toes.

Download the video clip:
Windows Media Video (mythbusters.wmv, 11.6 MB)
Apple Quicktime (, 13.5 MB)

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