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New "Ciencias con lo Mejor de Vernier" Book Presents the Best Science Learning Activities from Vernier

Lab book supports Spanish-speaking science education

Beaverton, OR –March 8 – Science and math teachers have a new lab book, Ciencias con lo Mejor de Vernier (Science with the Best from Vernier), to help them conduct hands-on inquiry-based experiments for Spanish-speaking middle and high school students. Published by Vernier International, the international division of Vernier Software & Technology, the book contains 42 lab activities covering core topics in biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics and water quality.

”The specialized terms used in science pose a challenge for ESL students because they are trying to simultaneously master English and their class curriculum,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher. “So in order to ensure as much understanding as possible, the book’s activities were written by science teachers and then translated by a science teacher from Latin America, giving ESL students the best of both worlds.”

Ciencias con lo Mejor de Vernier consists of the following sections and experiments:
Introducción a la Adquisición de Datos (Intro to Data Collection) – one experiment
Biología (Biology/Life Science) – nine experiments
Química (Chemistry) – nine experiments
Ciencias de la Tierra (Earth Science) – nine experiments
Física (Physics) – nine experiments
Calidad del Agua (Water Quality) – five tests

The 42 labs integrate data-collection technology with science and math instruction. Each contains background information on the experiment, the objectives of the activity, a materials list, illustrations, data tables and step-by-step procedures. The teacher information section includes directions for setting up experiments, as well as hints and sample graphs and data. In addition, an accompanying CD contains Microsoft Word for Macintosh and Windows word processing files of student pages that allow teachers to customize any experiment for a particular lab.

Pricing and Availability
Ciencias con lo Mejor de Vernier is now available in the United States for $45.00.

In addition, teachers can download the following sample labs from Ciencias con lo Mejor de Vernier for no charge:
Acción Enzimática: Actividad de la Catalasa (Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity)
Titulación Ácido Base (Microscale Acid-Base Tritation)
Reflexión y Absorción de la Luz (Reflection and Absorption of Light)
Resistencia del Aire (Air Resistance)
Oxígeno Disuelto (Dissolved Oxygen)

About Vernier Software & Technology
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