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Students Address Environmental Issues and Solutions In the Classroom and In the Field

Students Address Environmental Issues and Solutions In the Classroom and In the Field

Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry’ lab book uses data collection-technology to look at local issues and solutions

Beaverton, OR –– March 10, 2007 –– Global warming and renewable energy are top of mind with scientists and the media today. Educators can bring these and other environmental issues to students with the lab book “Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry” by Vernier Software & Technology.

Containing 35 authentic inquiry-based environmental science investigations for students in grades 9 to university, the book is aligned to the NRC and AAAS benchmarks for scientific inquiry. Topics such as A Local Weather Study, Water Quality, Managing Garden Soil Moisture, Greenhouse Effect, Sunscreen Comparison, Modeling Population Growth, Energy Conversion, Wind Energy, and A Pollution Study get students interested in the long and short term effects of man-made environmental changes on our planet.

“Students need to be aware of our environment and the delicate balance we need to maintain in order to keep our planet inhabitable for generations to come. As a company, we are very interested in changes we can make today in order to ensure a quality tomorrow,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier and former physics teacher. “This inquiry lab book can help get students thinking in this direction while learning important science skills.”

Each investigation in the book provides educators with an overview of the investigation, expected learning outcomes, information on carrying out each phase of the inquiry experiment, answers to student Preliminary Activity questions, a list of possible researchable questions, sample results, experiment tips, and sensor information. Each investigation also includes a Preliminary Activity for students. These Preliminary Activities provide a common experience for students using the data-collection sensors available for each inquiry topic.

The book includes an introduction on teaching science through inquiry and a list of sensors used in the experiments. It also includes a CD with free GIS software – AEJEE (Arc Explorer Java Edition for Education) and word-processing files for the student Preliminary Activity pages.

Investigations are correlated to the AP Environmental Science Topic Outline and IB Environmental Systems Syllabus.

Pricing and Availability
Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry” is priced at $45.00. The book will be available through Vernier Software & Technology starting July, 2007.

About Vernier Software & Technology
Vernier Software & Technology has been an innovator of data-collection technology for 25 years. Creating easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and software, their products can be found in education from elementary school to college. Vernier helps teachers enhance their science curriculum, increase learning, and build students’ critical thinking skills. Vernier’s technologies are in use worldwide in more than 120 countries. For more information visit

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