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Logger Pro and Logger Lite are Promethean Enabled

Logger Pro and Logger Lite are certified as Promethean Enabled.

This accreditation is awarded to Promethean “Friendly” Software that has also been enhanced or designed for whiteboard use. Promethean “Enabled” Software provides increased usability on an Activboard with improved color contrast. In addition to this Promethean will only award this certification to software that facilitates whole class or group teaching with additional tools or enhanced interactivity.

Features of Promethean “Enabled” Software typically include:

  • Larger text, icons and buttons for increased visibility from the back of a classroom.
  • Menus, buttons and icons which are positioned in easy to reach areas on screen or have the ability to be moved.
  • The facility to allow user involvement through discussion, choice, simulation/modelling or interaction directly with the whiteboard.
  • May have teachers’ notes to give guidance on how to best use the software in a group teaching environment.
  • Full digital functionality is only achieved with the Promethean Activpen.

Learn more about our newly Promethean Enabled software:

New Fall 2007 Caliper

Our latest edition of The Caliper has the Vernier LabQuest in the classroom! Read it online or join our mailing list to have The Caliper delivered to your doorstep twice a year.

New Fall 2007 Caliper

New Activities for Engineering

Vernier Software & Technology continues to provide leadership on products and solutions for engineering educators. And now we are pleased to introduce a new website with a sole focus on engineering education.

We’ve made it easy to find products for a specific type of engineering and have over 30 engineering projects to start off.

Vernier Engineering Education »

New Activities for Engineering

NXT Sensor Adapter

Supercharge your LEGO NXT projects with the Vernier NXT Sensor Adapter. Now you can create NXT robotic projects using over 40 of our analog sensors, including accelerometers, pH, Current, UV, Gas Pressure, Soil Moisture, Voltage, and more!

Read more »

NXT Sensor Adapter

New LabQuest Video

Join us in this high-school chemistry classroom as students explore the new Vernier LabQuest. Together with their teacher, Hector Morales, students at the School of Science and Technology in Beaverton Oregon, perform an acid-base titration.

Requires Flash to Play

Read more »

New Dynamics System Accessories

Study friction or constant force on the Vernier Dynamics System with the new Cart Friction Pad and Cart Fan! Both work with Vernier carts using magnets, making it easy to attach and remove.

New Dynamics System Accessories

Solar Power Dashboard

Our solar power production data is available on our website! Check out our Solar Dashboard to see current weather conditions, live web camera view of our roof, and our solar energy production.

Best of all, you can download solar and weather data for Logger Pro for your own solar experiments and investigations!

Natural Bridge Caverns

Vernier recently attended the GLOBE annual conference in San Antonio, TX, where we sponsored a field trip to Natural Bridge Caverns, a limestone cave. Sixty teachers made their way through the wet, drippy tour of the caverns and collected relative humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure data along the way.

Continue reading about Natural Bridge Caverns

What a Drag!

A customer called recently looking for ideas on aerodynamic drag experiments. This inspired us to do a little research with toy cars on the roof of a car.

Continue reading about What a Drag!

Heat Conduction

Bernard Zalewski from Marianist Province USA sent us some information on how he uses our Go!Temp to do experiments on thermal conductivity. He uses several different metals.

Continue reading about Heat Conduction

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