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Logger Pro and Logger Lite are Promethean Enabled

Logger <em>Pro</em> and Logger Lite are Promethean Enabled

Logger Pro and Logger Lite are certified as Promethean Enabled.

This accreditation is awarded to Promethean “Friendly” Software that has also been enhanced or designed for whiteboard use. Promethean “Enabled” Software provides increased usability on an Activboard with improved color contrast. In addition to this Promethean will only award this certification to software that facilitates whole class or group teaching with additional tools or enhanced interactivity.

Features of Promethean “Enabled” Software typically include:

  • Larger text, icons and buttons for increased visibility from the back of a classroom.
  • Menus, buttons and icons which are positioned in easy to reach areas on screen or have the ability to be moved.
  • The facility to allow user involvement through discussion, choice, simulation/modelling or interaction directly with the whiteboard.
  • May have teachers’ notes to give guidance on how to best use the software in a group teaching environment.
  • Full digital functionality is only achieved with the Promethean Activpen.

Learn more about our newly Promethean Enabled software:

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