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2008 Technology Award Winners

Vernier/NSTA 2008 Technology Award

We are pleased to announce the 2008 Vernier/NSTA Technology Award Winners. The winners are awarded for their innovative use of data-collection technology using a computer, graphing calculator, or other handheld in the science classroom.

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Allison Needham
5th Grade Teacher
J. B. Watkins Elementary School
Midlothian, VA

Middle School
Mary Cook
8th Grade Science Teacher
Roosevelt Middle School
Glendale, CA

Sherlynn Davis
Science Teacher
Crossroads Second Chance-North
Roswell, GA

High School
Steve Ahn
Science Teacher
Watauga High School
Boone, NC

Rebecca Runnels Morrison
Science Teacher/Administrator
Runnels High School
Baton Rouge, LA

Danielle Spaete
Physics Teacher
Pleasant Valley High School
Bettendorf, IA

Irina Lyublinskaya
Associate Professor
College of Staten Island
Staten Island, NY

Join Us at NSTA 2008 in Boston!

We have breakthrough data-collection technology to showcase at NSTA’s National Conference on Science Education in Boston from March 27-29, 2008.

Come see us at booth #2332 to see what’s new and enter to win a free LabQuest!

Visit our NSTA event page for highlights and workshops schedule »

Join Us at NSTA 2008 in Boston!

Spectrophotometric Analysis of the Metals in a U.S. Five-Cent Coin

Vernier consultant, Walter Rohr, came across an article published in the February 1989 Journal of Chem Ed that described a method of resolving mixtures with overlapping spectra without determining molar absorptivities or complicated mathematics. The method developed by Blanco called Multi-Wavelength Linear Regression Analysis, or MLRA, allows the composition of a binary mixture with overlapping spectra to be resolved with only three measurements—the absorbance of a standard solution for each component, and the unknown mixture itself.

Continue reading about Spectrophotometric Analysis of the Metals in a U.S. Five-Cent Coin…

Creating a Topographic Map with Motion Detectors

Brillion Middle School teachers Ryan Peterson and Matt Van Thiel have their 8th grade Earth Science students do a fun and engaging activity on topographic mapping. The activity is based on the Earth Science with Vernier activity “Ocean Floor Mapping.” Using plastic utility tarps, they create a simulated lake in their classroom.

Continue reading about Creating a Topographic Map with Motion Detectors…

100 Best Companies to Work For

In the Best Places to Work in Oregon competition for 2008, we were awarded #29 on the list of small companies. This is our 9th straight year on the list. We were tied for 4th place in benefits among small companies.

We are proud and excited to receive such an award. It is a great compliment to our founders and employees.

NSTA Recommends Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry

Our Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry lab book just got reviewed and recommended by NSTA Recommends.

“With media attention on species extinction and global warming, environmental science has an intrinsic interest for students. The best way to study the environment (the air, water, and soil) and the interactions among biological organisms in the environment, is by performing good experiments using the inquiry model of learning. In today’s classrooms, experiments can be improved though the use of quality sensors and measuring equipment. This book helps students do both.”

Read the full review »

NSTA Recommends <em>Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry</em>

LabQuest Earns Five-Star Review

The Vernier LabQuest just received a wonderful review in MultiMedia & Internet@Schools, an educational publication. The review gave the LabQuest a 5-Star rating (out of 5) with the following grades:

  • Installation: A
  • Content/Features: A
  • East of Use: A
  • Product Support: A+

“Students will enjoy using LabQuest…. I was impressed by the rugged construction. This is definitely a tool that will last, which makes it an excellent buy—especially with today’s tight funding…. I have no doubt that LabQuest is going to get plenty of use in my classroom. I would highly recommend it for every classroom that is serious about engaging students in meaningful scientific investigations.”

Multimedia & Internet @ Schools
Sally Finley
Country Hills Elementary School
Coral Springs, Florida

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Learn more about the Vernier LabQuest »

Rotary Motion Sensor

Our redesigned Rotary Motion Sensor lets you monitor angular motion to a quarter of a degree and linear position to a fraction of a millimeter.

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Rotary Motion Sensor

Digital Radiation Monitor

The Digital Radiation Monitor can be used with or without a computer for measurement of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

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Digital Radiation Monitor
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