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Activities for Vernier Solar Power

From our solar dashboard, you can see a live camera view of the roof solar panels, our weather station data, and a live display of the power production of the panels. There are also tables and graphs you can use to investigate the energy production of the panels over time. It is our hope that you will be able to use this information to facilitate the study of solar energy production with your students.

You can download the background information, complete with data and sample questions from our Solar Dashboard »

Measuring Motor Speed

Brian Lamore, physics teacher at the Chinquapin School, Highlands, Texas, has his students build a “Beakman’s” Motor to study electromagnetic induction. This simple motor can be built in a single class period and the activity is always a favorite of his students. But nothing makes an activity more interesting than a little competition, so Brian challenges his students to build the motor that will spin the fastest.

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Spectral Analysis of Fireflies

10 year-old Ben Carter of Nashville, Tennessee, was curious about the light given off by a firefly. Ben has inherited his natural curiosity and love of science from his father, Vernier consultant David Carter. Ben borrowed his dad’s Vernier Spectrometer and used it to capture the emission spectra of the fireflies.

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Capturing Monarch Metamorphosis in Logger Pro

Ben Carter, a 12-year-old from Nashville, TN, captured a beautiful time-lapse video of a monarch caterpillar pupating into a chrysalis using Logger Pro and a ProScope HR camera.

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Hot House

Clarence Bakken, a retired physics teacher from California, explored insulating capabilities of different wall materials. Clarence used an Infrared Thermometer to study the rate at which heat is transferred through the walls in a model house.

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How Do You Dim an LED?

Have you ever seen an LED-based headlamp that has selectable brightness? Sometimes the brightness change is from turning on more or fewer LEDs, but sometimes the individual LEDs seem to change brightness. How does this work? Usually when you reduce the voltage across an LED, it just goes out. We looked into this question using a Vernier Light Sensor and a LabQuest.

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Creative Classroom Solutions

Peter O’Connor, a teacher from Boonsboro High School in Maryland, described a situation facing many teachers—lots of students and only a few computers.

“Having used Logger Pro for many years dating back to the ULI days, my school has been happy using it in our labs. However, as class size increased, we have had issues with maintaining a small lab group size for each lab. This is a large issue when it comes to doing Vernier labs with computers.”

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Spring 2008 Caliper

Our latest edition of The Caliper showcases the NEW Vernier LabQuest App software version 1.1! Read it online or join our mailing list to have The Caliper delivered to your school twice a year.

Spring 2008 Caliper

LabQuest is Ready to Ship Today!

Whether you are preparing for spring experiments, or planning summer budgets and fall classes, your LabQuests are ready to ship immediately.

LabQuest is Ready to Ship Today!

SpectroVis Spectrophotometer

Having an array spectrometer is now affordable for each of your lab stations! Connect SpectroVis to a LabQuest or to a computer running Logger Pro using a standard USB cable (included) and see the results in full color.

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SpectroVis Spectrophotometer
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