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Vernier Tech Support on National TV Series!

With the recent writers’ strike, there have been a rash of new reality programs, and Vernier Software & Technology has even gotten involved. We were selected to participate in the new Fox television series “Please Help Me!” The show matches the technical support teams of different companies in a five-week competition. The technical support teams come from many different types of industries.

The series is underway as I write this. The format is somewhat like other reality shows. Each week, one team is eliminated, or as they say on this show, “Their lines are cut.” So far, the Vernier team is doing well.

On the first episode, “Let’s Get Technical,” we were given difficult technical questions and, other than a few problems with Windows Vista upgrade questions, we did great. In fact, we came out on top for the highest score, tied with the team from Victoria’s Secret.

The next episode, “Can You Feel My Pain?”, involved dealing with very angry customers. Our team was not nearly as experienced in this area as some of the teams (especially the cell phone companies), but we survived the round.

The most recently filmed episode, “How Friendly are You?”, offered bonus points for any tech support person who got asked out on a date or was sent flowers or chocolate.

The next episode, “Shouldn’t These Guys Be Retired?”, involved only senior members of the tech support teams. With both of the founders of Vernier and three other long-term company owners on our team, we feel confident on this one. We are, however, a little worried about the team from Reader’s Digest. The teams from Google and YouTube have no one to participate in this round.

The program wraps up with a final showdown on April 1, 2008. Please tune in to support our technical support department.

April Fools!

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