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Logger Pro for Linux Public Beta

We’re launching a free public beta of our award-winning Logger Pro software for the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Now you can use Logger Pro‘s data collection and analysis features on the popular free operating system.

Learn more and sign up for the Logger Pro for Linux Public Beta »

Logger <em>Pro</em> for Linux Public Beta

Optics Expansion Kit Redesigned

We’ve done a complete redesign of the Optics Expansion Kit for the Vernier Dynamics System to make it easier to use.

Key improvements:

  • The parts are now molded plastic that snap onto the track, making it possible to leave them in place when the track is moved.
  • The three lenses are permanently mounted in three plastic supports for better durability.
  • The point light source is now LED-based, using less energy and running at cooler temperatures.
  • A new aperture plate lets you do experiments regarding lens diameter and shape, including the classic half-a-lens demonstration.

The redesigned Optics Expansion Kit is available today!

Looking for a sale? Our previous design of the Optics Expansion Kit is available for only $99. Limited quantities are available and ready for purchase from our overstock »

Optics Expansion Kit Redesigned
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