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Let’s Talk Turkey

Looking to do more with your turkey and potatoes this Thanksgiving? We’ve dug up from our innovative uses archives three great experiments for your Thanksgiving holiday.

  • How quickly does your potato cool?
  • Is Thanksgiving dinner really aggravating your acid indigestion?
  • Who really broke the turkey wishbone?

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The Nature Conservancy Honors Vernier with Conservation Leadership Award

Business Partner Conservation Leadership Award

We were honored to be presented with the “Business Partner Conservation Leadership Award” by The Nature Conservancy at a ceremony held on October 29, 2009 in Portland, Oregon. In presenting the award, it was said about Vernier Software & Technology:

“In a state renowned for green business, this software company raises the bar not only by making products that connect teachers and students with nature, but also by practicing a conservation ethic that includes sustainably designed facilities, green commuting, employee volunteerism for the environment, and nearly 15 years of supporting the work of The Nature Conservancy.”

Read the full press release at Nature Conservancy News »

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